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  1. Q. How do I open an account?
    A. On the home page, click the "Join Now" button, fill in the required fields, follow the registration steps then click on the "Submit" button
  2. Q. How to make a deposit?
    A. We have a list of major banks and payment gateways for you to deposit. You can deposit anytime, and your account will be active and credited within minutes.
  3. Q. How soon can I start playing?
    A. Upon confirming your deposit with our customer service staff, you can start playing within minutes.
  4. Q. When can I make a withdrawal?
    A. Once you have fulfill all the turnover requirement, you can make a withdrawal request anytime you wish. Depending on the amount, it will normally take only 1 working day to process at most.
  5. Q. When should I play with instead of other similar sites?
    A. differentiates itself by attaining exclusive partnership with all its partners, therefore we are able to offer the best value and top quality casino products available in the market to all our players. Become VIP and receive plenty of exclusive, upgraded, customized rewards and benefits.
For any further assistance, kindly contact our friendly customer service staff. They are available 24/7 to answer all your needs and enquiries.